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Young Flamepaw
This is Flamepaw. The last surviving kit of the loner Seedie.
mother:Seedie (deceased)
Father: unknown
siblings: Gleem (deceased) Sand (deceased)
distant relative: Pinestar (deceased)
Mentor: Winterstorm
allegiance: Thunderclan

He started out as Flame.
His mother found out that her family originated in the clans that used to live in the forest near her home. She tracked information to where clans moved to, the lake home.
Traveling, Flame's two siblings perished from malnutrition and stress from the journey.
Making their way, they finally arrived at the lake.
Seedie took Flame to the moor lands, where she attempted to hunt a rabbit. Windclan cats then attacked the two loners and chased them away from their territory.
The fight heavily injured her shoulder and she and her son had no choice but to hide deep in the forest, in the hopes that Seedie would recover.
Unfortunately for Seedie, her wounded shoulder would be infected, leaving her even weaker and more exposed to danger. This also meant Flame was starting to starve.
Due to the smell of the infection, a Badger would find the family.
Seedie attempted to protect Flame, after the Badger attacked him, slashing open the bridge of his nose, which would forever leave a scar.
Flame's mother pushed him into the dark of the undergrowth, and tried to attack the Badger with what little strength she had left.
Suddenly, Flame saw a group of cats rush out of the trees attack the Badger head on while it was mauling his mother.
The clan cats would chase it off, and return to see Flame crawl out of the undergrowth, blood dripping from his torn face.
His mother was already dead, and Flame weeped, knowing he'd never be able to say good bye to her.
The cats then introduced themselves as the warriors of Thunderclan.
One, Rocktail would step forward and attempt to get the other cats of the group to agree to run the young cat out, which would mean certain death for such a young cat.
But another cat, Winterstorm, managed to let Flame explain why he and his mother were there. Winterstorm was amazed that the stranger cat knew who Pinestar was.
Taking him to the camp, it would be agreed that Flame would die if left alone.
So the leader, deptuy and medicine cat (Adderstar, Lightstep and Frozeneye respectivly)
made the decision to allow Flame to become Flamepaw when he became old enough and train to be a Thunderclan warrior, and Winterstorm, the cat that saved Flamepaw from being thrown out of the forest by Rocktail, would be his mentor when the time came.
More of his story will be told at a later time.
This is Seedie. The loner mother of Flamepaw.
Kits: Sand (deceased) Gleem (deceased) Flame (alive)
Distant relative: Pinestar
Details on this character coming soon.


B Kitchell
United States


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